The Summer Reading Program  starts June 1st!

Kids up to age 18 can register to win prizes for reading!

If your child is too young to read, you can read to them

In order for library staff to have your prize ready for you, completed logs must be returned no later than the Monday before you would like to pick up your prize.
Prize giveaways are on Tuesdays (starting June 23)
from 10-12 outside the library.
When picking up your prize, please wear a mask and maintain a 6-foot distance from those around you.
You may return your completed log to the library through the book drop, through email at, or by fax at 970.568.3040.
We will only be handing out one prize to each child this year. 
Last day to collect prizes is July 28.

Get Started!

Step 1:  Click HERE to REGISTER starting June 1st  

Step 2:  Print your Reading Log         Reading Log 2020

***If you do not have a printer, you can pick up a log on the table outside the front entrance of the library (M-F 10-2:45).


Get your creative juices flowing with these fun projects.  A new challenge will be uploaded each week during the Summer Reading Program. 

Complete the activity and share it with us!  Each submission will earn the participant an extra entry into our Grand Prize Drawing in August (1 entry per challenge).  The Grand Prize is a family 4 pass to Urban Air Adventures.

Email your pictures to, drop them in our dropbox, or message them through the Wellington Library Facebook page

Make sure to include the name of the participant!  

Weekly Challenge #1: Scribble Art

Click SRP Scribble Challenge to download

Weekly Challenge #2: Build a Castle

Make it your own…think about using cardboard boxes, playing cards, paper, Legos, blocks, or craft sticks.  Let your creativity fly!

Weekly Challenge #3: Let it Fly!

Click Here for Easy-to-follow Catapult instructions


Weekly Challenge #4: Fairy Tale Mad Lib

Create your own fairy tale adventure!  Follow the link to print out our Mad Lib story or pick up a copy at the library.  Then, complete the story and send it to or drop it off at the library (dropbox). 

(Please make sure to keep your stories family friendly!)

Click here to download your printable Fairy Tale Mad Lib Story!

Weekly Challenge #5: Help a Neighbor

This week’s challenge is about assisting people in your community. Ask a neighbor, grandparent, or friend if they need help with any chores or take a look at the suggestions below.

Then, share your experience with us at

Ideas (Make sure these are okay with your parent or guardian first):

Help with yard work like pulling weeds, watering the garden, or for older children, mowing the lawn

Pick up trash around the neighborhood

Deliver freshly baked cookies

Sweep the porch

Make a picture to share

Paint rocks with positive messages to leave on neighbors’ porches

Offer to pick up items at the store for an elderly neighbor

Leave a cheerful note on your neighbor’s door

What ideas do YOU have for helping in your neighborhood?

Weekly Challenge #6: Create Your Magic Wand!

Let your imagination soar as you create a magic wand!  The possibilities are endless.  Each wand will be unique and perfect for you.  Pick up a kit from the library (while supplies last) or use supplies from home or in nature.  Look for inspiration online or follow our step-by-step directions for our take-home kits. 

Send a picture of your wand to for an extra entry into our grand prize drawing. We can’t wait to see your amazing creations!


Click here for step-by-step directions for our Take-Home Kit