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Saturday: 10-4
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Library Policies


  • All borrowers must be registered and have a valid local patron card to borrow library materials.  By filling out a registration form the patron accepts responsibility for all items borrowed from the library.
  • Applicants under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the application form thereby giving consent and taking responsibility for library items checked out by the child.
  • Valid identification may be required.  A driver’s license, student ID or recent non-personal mail will be accepted.  Children under 11 will not be issued a card in their name.  Family cards are encouraged.
  • At the time of initial registration, each patron may check out two items.


  • Patrons should check out materials using their own library card.  Occasionally spouses, parents, or minor children may use a relative’s card if they do not have a card of their own and are unable to register for a card at that time (lack of identification, etc.).  They must present this card at the time of checkout.
  • Patrons should notify the library of a lost library card so that no items can be checked out by unauthorized persons.  The patron is responsible for items checked out prior to notifying the library of their lost card.
  • No staff member will determine what can or cannot be checked out by a patron.  What a child/minor is reading or viewing is the responsibility of a parent or legal guardian. 
  • Reserves can be placed on all circulating materials.  The patron will be notified when the material is ready and will be held for one week after notification.

Loan Periods

  • 1 week:  DVD’s, music CD’s, magazines
  • 3 weeks:  All other circulating items
  • Reference books and local history items do not normally circulate.  At the discretion of the librarian, some reference materials may be checked out overnight.
  • All items may be renewed twice unless there is a reserve list.
  • There is a check out limit of 3 DVDs per family.

Fines and Charges

  • Borrowers are responsible for items checked out on their cards.  The borrower will be charged replacement costs if items are lost or damaged beyond normal wear and can no longer circulate.  This policy applies to interlibrary loan items as well.
  • Fines per day for overdue items:
    • DVDs, CDs:  $1.00 per day
    • Books and all other items:  10 cents per day
    • Accumulated fines will not exceed the cost of the item
    • The same fines apply to interlibrary loan items
    • Accumulated fines of more than $5.00 or long overdue items will result in the loss of borrowing privileges.

Material Selection Policy

The purpose of the Wellington Public Library materials selection policy is to guide the librarians and to inform the public about the principles that are guides in the selection of materials.  A policy cannot replace the judgment of the librarian, but the statement of goals and boundaries will assist in choosing from the wide variety of available materials.

Materials selection seeks to maintain a balanced collection of materials that satisfies the educational, informational and recreational needs of our community.  The library will not attempt to collect scholarly materials, rare books or manuscripts.

The Wellington Public Library endorses the Library Bill of Rights adopted by the American Library Association as it pertains to materials selection and library collections.  It is included as an appendix to the materials selection policy.

The word “book”, “library materials”, or other synonyms used in this policy have the most encompassing meaning as possible.  This includes but is not limited to books, periodicals, audio recordings, video recordings, and electronic media.

“Selection” refers to the decisions that are made to add a given book or item to the collection as well as to the decision to retain a book or item that is already in the collection.

Responsibility for material selection lies with the Library Director and to those staff members to whom that responsibility has been delegated.  Patron suggestions are accepted and given consideration with the general criteria of the materials selection policy.  Unusual problems or deviation from the policy will be referred to the director for consideration.

Materials of contemporary significance and of permanent value are the primary objectives of book selection.  The Library will always have a sense of responsibility to both the present and the future in adding materials that enrich the collections and maintain an overall balance.  The Library also recognizes its duty to make available materials for the information and recreation needs of our community even though these materials may not have an enduring interest or value.

The Library realizes that many books are controversial and that any item could offend some patrons.  Selections will be made on the merits of the entire work and not on the basis of a particular passage.

Parents and legal guardians are responsible for their children’s reading.  Selection will not be limited by the possibility that adult books may be read by children.  Children’s books will be selected with the age and educational level of the children in mind.

Guidelines for selection:

(1)   Because Library patrons represent a wide range of backgrounds, educational levels, ages and reading skills the Library will select materials of varying complexity.

(2)   The Library will not acquire textbooks or other curriculum-related materials except those that will also serve the general public.

(3)   Legal and medical works will be acquired only if they are useful to the lay person.

(4)   Standard book selection tools as available to the librarians will be used in the selection of materials.

(5)   The following general criteria are considered in selecting materials:

  1. permanent value
  2. contemporary significance:  attention of the public, reviewers, and critics
  3. popular interest
  4. reputation of the author
  5. comprehensiveness and depth of the work
  6. reputation of the publisher
  7. date of publication
  8. relationship to the present collection
  9. artistic merit
  10. insight and/or perspective into human and social conditions
  11. price
  12. local interest or relevance


All types of media that are used infrequently and of no lasting value will be withdrawn periodically from the collections.  Obsolete materials include books with outdated information, superseded editions, duplicates and worn-out items.

Patron Input Regarding the Collectio

Wellington Public Library welcomes input from the public regarding the contents of the collection.  Patrons wishing to suggest titles for acquisition should fill out a Purchase Suggestion form.  Suggestions will be considered for purchase in accordance with the materials selection policy.

Computer Usage Policy

Acceptable Computer & Internet Use Policy

The Wellington Public Library, in fulfillment of its mission, will provide resources and services to meet the informational needs of the community. We are committed to meeting the needs of the people we serve by providing information access within the means of the library and the limitations of policy and law. In response to patron demand for information access through technology, the library offers to the public free internet access. The Wellington Public Library provides this service equally to all library users. Internet access is intended for research, educational, and recreational purposes. Parents or guardians are responsible for the internet information selected and/or accessed by their children under the age of 18. The Library Board of Trustees has given library staff authority and responsibility to insure the equitable, responsible and efficient use of the Internet resources.

Any user who knowingly violates any of the following policies will lose their computer privileges for a length of time to be determined by the library director.

Internet Safety

The library is concerned for the safety and security of the users of online information. The library has no control over the content of the internet and cannot be held responsible for what the user sees when using the internet. Restriction of a minor’s access to the internet beyond what is required by this policy is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.

A user will not use a library computer to:

Access or display information that is obscene as defined by Colorado law (18-7-101 (2), C.R.S. 18 U.S.C. sec. 2246 (2) and (3), and 18 U.S.C. sec. 2256 (8))
Participate in email, chat rooms, or instant messages that use information that is obscene as defined by Colorado law (sited above)
Disclose, use, or disseminate personal information that could threaten or create a vulnerability for a minor, for any other person, or for the library
Attempt to gain unauthorized access to any data, computer, or network

Use Guidelines

Users of the Library’s internet connection may be required to have a valid Wellington Public Library card or picture identification.

You must sign in at the start of your computer session. Each session is limited to 1 hour, but if no one is waiting, a second one-hour session may be requested. Those who have finished one one-hour session may be asked to vacate the computer within 5 minutes if another patron is waiting to use a computer. No more than two persons may sit at one computer at a time.

The library’s computers may not be used to send threatening, obscene, abusive or harassing messages, or for illegal purposes.

Users may not enter chat rooms or use chat/electronic mail and other forms of non-chat electronic communications for purposes inappropriate in a public library setting.

Computers cannot be used to access, transmit, upload or download, or distribute material that is pornographic, defamatory, sexually explicit, obscene, or harmful to a minor.

Files and bookmarks may not be saved to the hard drive, but can be saved to the patron’s data storage device. Although reasonable precautions are taken, the Library does not guarantee the hard drives to be virus free. The library assumes no liability for virus infections if patrons save files to their own data storage device.

Reasonable care of the computers by the user is expected. Misuse of computers will result in loss of computer privileges. Report any computer malfunctions to the Library staff.

Library staff may assist the user in accessing the internet, but cannot provide in-depth assistance and/or training. The same pertains to personal computer use including word processing.

There is no charge for internet/computer use; however, the charge is $.10 for each printed page and must be paid at the time of printing.

The computer policy must be read and signed by patrons before beginning computer/internet use. Any user under the age of 18 must also have a parent/guardian sign the policy acceptance form. Proof of age must be shown upon request. Users who violate this policy may be denied use of the library’s computers.

Library staff may make exceptions to these requirements in order to accommodate disabled users, or in other special needs situations.

Patron Conduct Policy

So that all patrons may freely use and enjoy the library, it is a patron’s responsibility to maintain proper standards of behavior.  If a patron’s conduct is disruptive to library operations and other patrons’ use of the library may have their privilege of using the library denied until the problem is resolved.

Any conduct which disrupts the library is prohibited.  Examples of conduct that may lead to denial of library privileges includes but is not limited to the following.

  • Damaging library property
  • Threatening of harassing patrons or library staff
  • Bringing animals into the library except for assistance animals
  • Eating or drinking
  • Smoking
  • Talking loudly enough to disturb others
  • Use of inappropriate language
  • Use of a cell phone in a manner that disturbs others; when talking on a cell phone persons should talk in a low voice or move to the foyer; ringers should be silent or turned off
  • Anything which may result in injury to self or others
  • Any illegal activity

Patrons displaying improper conduct will be asked to cease the conduct or leave the library.  Minor problems should be dealt with by the staff member observing it; serious or recurring problems will be handled by the library director.  Only the director may bar a patron indefinitely from the use of the library.  Law enforcement will be called when conduct is illegal, when it poses a threat to the library or an individual, or when a patron refuses to leave the library when asked.

After a serious incident or one in which a patron is asked to leave the library a written account will be prepared by the end of the next working day.

Policy of Library User Records

Confidentiality of Records

As required by Colorado Revised Statutes, § 24-90-119 (Privacy of User Records), the Wellington Public Library recognizes that patron records and other information that identifies a person as having used the Library are confidential and are not subject to disclosure.  Such records shall not be made available except pursuant to a valid process, order or warrant.

Colorado Revised Statutes, §24-90-119 provides:

         Privacy of User Records:

(1)    Except as set forth in subsection (2) of this section, a publicly-supported library shall not disclose any record or other information which identifies a person as having requested or obtained specific materials or service or as otherwise having used the library.

(2)    Records may be disclosed in the following instances:

(a)    When necessary for the reasonable operation of the library;

(b)   Upon written consent of the user;

(c)    Pursuant to subpoena, upon court order, or where otherwise required by law;

(d)   To a custodial parent or legal guardian who has access to a minor’s library card or its authorization number for the purpose of accessing by electronic means library records of a minor.

(3)    Any library or library system official, employee, or volunteer who discloses information in violation of this section commits a class 2 petty offense and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by a fine of not more than three hundred dollars.

In accordance with this statute, the Wellington Public Library will not release patron records except pursuant to approval of the Library card holder, the Town attorney or pursuant to a court order or warrant.  The application of Library’s inability to release records applies to family members, law enforcement agents, and reporters.  The possession of a library card implies consent to access the account.  A staff member may provide information on an account if the requestor gives the last name and the library card number.

This policy shall not prevent the Library from pursuing the return of, or payment of, overdue library materials.  The Library staff is to use their best judgment in determining whether disclosing information about usage or records is necessary for the reasonable operation of the Library.