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Monday – Friday: 10-6
Saturday: 10-4
Sunday: Closed

Due to growing numbers, Wellington Public Library is supporting a second book club opportunity for our patrons and residents. All voices, backgrounds, genders, and perspectives are encouraged to foster an energetic and inclusive space for sharing and exploring curiosities.

The sole purpose of the library is to facilitate only by providing the meeting space and collection of chosen media items based on availability via interlibrary loan. The library will not lead, nor control, the direction and choices of the book club. The book club will meet every six weeks with each member rotating the current selection of media item. This opportunity gives each member of the book club a voice and connection.

Please contact the Wellington Public Library by phone at 970-568-3040 or by email at library@wellingtoncolorado.gov if you have interest in joining and participating in a second book club. Numbers are limited to twelve and will be a first come, first join membership.

We look forward to expanding our book club community even further!