Library Collection and Services

The Wellington Public Library has a collection of materials of interest to children and adults.  These items are available for check out and/or use within the library.

Available to the public are approximately:

  • 20,500+ Books
  • 1800+ DVDs
  • 715+Audios (books and music on C


The library staff will assist library users in finding the information that they need.  Assistance will be given in-house, by phone (when the answer is short enough to be given by phone) by calling 970-568-3040, or electronically by submitting form here.

Interlibrary Loan

  • Items not owned locally, or missing, my be requested on interlibrary loan by patrons in good standing.  Patrons may not request items until they have established an account with the library.
  • We are able to obtain most requested items except for recently published books (within the last 6 months) or rare books.
  • Up to three interlibrary loan items may be requested by a patron.  The director may give permission to request more than three items.

Public Access Computers

Public access to the internet is provided to the public.  An Internet Agreement must be signed by all users.  Minors must have the agreement signed by a parent on file in order to use the internet.  To use one of our computers, an individual must sign in on the computer log sheet.  By signing in, they agree to follow the rules regarding computer use.  Wireless internet is also available.

Copier, Fax and Scanning Services

The library offers fax, scanning, and self-service copier service.  Per copy/per fax charges apply to this service.


You may have your tests proctored here at the library for a fee of $10 per test due on the day of the test.  We accept cash or check only.   You must schedule these tests ahead of time by phone (970-568-3040) or email (  No tests will be scheduled for a Saturday.

Please have the following information available:
Institute that is requiring the proctor service:  university or company
Person of contact at that institute
Email address for institute
How the testing will be implemented:  computer, mail, etc.
Instructions for administering the test:  supervision, books and/or notes allowed, date and time limitation
Instructions for processing completed tests:  fax, scan to email, authorization on computer, or postal mailing

For more information on library card registration, circulation, and services see the Wellington Public Library’s Service Policies.

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