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Introducing the Write-About!

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Created by the Wellington Public Library, this program is a fun way to explore the Town of Wellington while creating your own amazing story!


Located throughout downtown Wellington are illustrations to inspire totally unique tales. Craft a story from one, two, or all of them, and let your imagination run free!

You can write a fiction story or poem, draw a comic or an illustration, compose a song, write a letter to send a friend, even cook a meal–anything you like, as long as it is inspired by these pictures! The sky’s the limit.

Look for Write-About illustrations throughout Main Street in Wellington!

(If you want help getting started, you can check out:

    • The Sheriff’s Office
    • Owl Canyon Coffee
    • Jalisco del Sol
    • Avuncular Bob’s T-Bar Inn
    • Polished Spa
    • Wellington Grill
    • Thistle
    • Pizza Palace
    • Soul Squared Brewing Company
    • Proper Time Watches and Jewelry
    • The Cakery
    • Somewhere in Centennial Park…

To find some inspiration!)

Submit your works to the Library and you could win a prize! With your permission, stories will also be featured on our website and social media to share your amazing work with the community.

People of all ages are invited to participate! Also a great activity for parents to do with children. And if you are a student looking for a way to earn extra credit in your Language Arts classes, ask your teacher if you can submit your story while supporting the Colorado State standards for Language Arts and Literacy!

You can email your stories to us at library@wellingtoncolorado.gov, submit them in our form below, or bring them to us at the Library in person. Feel free to call us at 970-568-3040 with any questions you have!