Get text notices from your library!

Receive text messages on your phone immediately when:

Items you requested are ready for pickup

Items you are borrowing are overdue

Use your phone to text the library to:

Renew your items

Display Fines and Fees

Shoutbomb has features to make managing your account easier:

Send and Receive texts in English or Spanish

Receive notices on multiple library cards

What Do I Need To Sign Up?

Signing up is totally free! Standard text rates apply.  Will only work with phones that can receive SMS messages (most smart phones should qualify)

How To Sign Up Using Your Cell Phone:

Using a phone that can send text-messages to an e-mail address.

Text the word SIGNUP to (720) 613-9177. (To receive your messages in Spanish, use REGISTRESE instead of SIGNUP)

You should receive a reply asking for a library card number.

Text your library card number.

You should receive a reply asking for a PIN.

Text your PIN (usually your last name in lowercase, unless you have changed it).  Make sure your phone does not autocorrect the first letter to a capital.

You should receive a confirmation text with an email request. (Responding with your email address is optional.)

Please contact your library at 970 568 3040 or email us at with questions!

How To Use Shoutbomb

Below is a list of text commands for using Shoutbomb

English Command Spanish Command Description
ADDCARD ADDCARD Add a secondary library card to your notification account
DROPCARD DROPCARD Remove a secondary library card
HOLDS MANTENER Hold notices Opt In/Out
IOWEU TEDEBO See the current fine total on your account
NOTICES AVISOS Current status of all your Opt In/Out services
OVERDUE ATRASADO Overdue notice Opt In/Out
QUIT SALIR Stop this text notices service
RENEW RENOVAR Renew notices Opt In/Out
RESEND REENVIAR Resend the last message
SIGNUP REGISTRESE Register for this text notices service
SWITCHPHONE CAMBIARTELEFONO Change the phone number receiving texts

Additional Commands:

HELP:  Text the word HELP and the command you need help with to receive detailed instructions.  For example, “HELP DROPCARD” or “HELP NOTICES”.

HL:  To receive a list of holds that are ready for pickup
RA:  To renew all eligible items
RI:  To receive a list of items that are coming due, but cannot be renewed
RL:  To receive a list of items you can renew
OA:  To renew all eligible overdue materials
OI:  To receive a list of overdue items that cannot be renewed
OL:  To receive a list of overdue items you can renew

These notices are ON by default.  Texting the keyword will turn that type of notice off

  •        HOLDS
  •        OVERDUE
  •        RENEW
  •        FEES

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