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Each year I write an annual report on the activities of the library in the past year.  Here is the report for 2012.  The staff of the library looks forward to serving you in 2013.





Board of trustees                 Library Staff

Travis Vieira, President                     Director:  Kathy Bornhoft  

Allan Winnick                                  Assistant Director:  Kim Keiss

Mike Steely                                    Library Clerk:  Melissa Lurkins

Larry Noel                                      Library Clerk: 

Ernest Cienfuegos-Baca

Travis Stevens

Jack Brinkhoff



The Wellington Public Library is staffed with four employees.  Library Director Kathy Bornhoft and Assistant Director Kim Keiss works 24 hours per week.  Melissa Lurkins works 17 hour per week as a library clerk.  The Town of Wellington funds the Library at 119 staff hours per week.  Total hours open to the public are 42.5. The difference of 62.5 hours is used for staff flex-time and overlapping hours.  The library utilized nine volunteers that worked several hours each on a weekly basis.  Other volunteers were utilized on an as-needed basis for special projects and during the summer reading program.



 The library uses the automated AspenCat union catalog.   AspenCat runs on PTFS Master Koha and is administered by the Colorado Library Consortium (CLiC).  At the end of 2010 the Automated Systems Consortia Colorado (ASCC) was dissolved and the Colorado Library Consortium (CLiC) became the sole administrator of AspenCat.  The library’s catalog is available on the Internet at or at   The library is now part of a union catalog containing 500,000 items from  different libraries.  Our patrons are able to easily place holds and request books that belong to the other libraries directly from our catalog.  The catalog also has 500 of the most popular classic books from Project Gutenberg.  The books from Project Gutenberg are downloadable e-books.  We are also able to notify patrons by email when they have overdue items and holds that are ready for pickup.



There are nine computers available for public Internet usage, one computer that is used for the automated catalog that can be used for the Internet if needed, and four staff computers.  One computer purchased with a LSTA grant is available for use by patrons with visual impairments.  It has Zoom-Text software installed on it.  The computers have Norton Internet Security installed for virus protection.

The library has a wireless hub.  The wireless router serves as the router for the library’s Internet network.

There is also an open Internet connection that is available for patrons that come into the library with their electronic devices.

Usage by the public of the fax and photocopier continues to increase.  


We are continually looking for better ways to utilize library space because shelving space for the books is becoming more cramped as the collection grows.  To make the best use of the space we rearrange the collection and weed little used books.  A small shelving unit was added in the children’s area and another small unit was added in the young adult section.

Cleaning of the library is done by the staff of the library. 


Usage of the public access computers has stayed steady.  There were approximately computer 7,230 computer users in 2010, compared to 6,760 users in 2012.  This is an increase of 7% from 2012. The computers are used primarily for educational research, job searches, and word processing.  US Cable is the library’s Internet provider.

2012 computer users                           7,230

2011 computer users                           6,760                           Increase of 7% 

2012 computer users                           7,230

2011 computer users                           6,760                           Increase of 7%


Approximately 45 new patrons were added to our patron database each month and include city and county residents.  Total number of new patrons in 2012 was 550 compared to 1,000 new patrons in 2011.  There are now a total of 5,950 patrons in the database.  80% of the card holders are from Wellington and 20% are from the county or are libraries that are part of the interlibrary loan system.  Visits to the library increased in 2010 from 2009.


Patrons in database                           5,950

2010 patron visits to the library          38,419

2009 patron visits to the library          37,350                         Increase of 3%


Total Holdings in Collection   25,500


New Titles Added                             1,900

Weeded Titles                                     350


Total Annual Circulation in 2010       49,650

Total Annual Circulation in 2009       49,390

The collection was increased by 2,000 new titles.  All areas of the collection had an increase in holdings.  350 items that were lost, damaged, outdated or were not circulating were weeded from the collection.  The total number of materials held in the library collection is 25,500.  The monthly circulation high of 5,100 items occurred in June.  The monthly circulation low of 3,560 items occurred in February. 

To provide access to materials that the library does not own, the library participates in SWIFT, the statewide interlibrary loan program.   We also loan our materials to other libraries.  As part of the Koha system we also loan books to the member libraries in our system.  The success of the interlibrary loan service is dependent on the statewide library courier service.  We contract for the courier service through the CLiC.  The service transports books and materials, correspondence and other mailings to and from libraries in Colorado. 

Materials borrowed from other libraries:         1,070

Materials loaned to other libraries:                     945



The Wellington Library Friends meet at the library the first Monday of most months.  They continue to raise funds for the library with the ongoing used book sale in the library.  In October they sponsored Young Adult author Laura Resau.  A group of 50 students from Wellington Middle School attended the program.

A library article was submitted monthly to the local newspaper, The North Forty News.  Features in these articles include upcoming events and programs, new book titles, and general library news.

In late November Kathy Bornhoft organized a local art show.  We had approximately 15 local artists display their work in the library.  Local artist and author Gary Raham gave a talk on how he creates his art work.

The library had floats in the 4th of July Parade and the Christmas Parade in Wellington.

Preschool story time was held twice a month in 2012.  In 2012 attendance was 400 children and adults.  Library tours were conducted throughout the year for several classes from Eyestone Elementary and Base Camp, the after school program. 


The summer reading program had 615 children and young adults ages 3-15 registered for the program.  Prizes were awarded based on time read.  The participants read a total of 5,200 hours.  Kathy Bornhoft did an excellent job of obtaining prizes.  She was able to get many passes and gift coupons donated.  Drawings were held at the end of the summer for the readers that read beyond the required 10 hours.  Four programs were held and approximately 250 persons attended these programs.  Our program presenters were:  Indiana Bones, a New Mexico Storyteller; Andy Mason, musician from New Mexico; Rob Terrell and Brad Christiansen, Fort Collins drummers; and a craft fair run by volunteers.  The Wellington Friends of the Library provided cookies for the first summer reading program. 

Posters were placed around Wellington to advertise registration and the programs and fliers were sent home with Eyestone and Rice Elementary students and Wellington Middle School students.  Library articles in The North Forty News and the Wellington Weekly also promoted the program. 

The library worked in cooperation with Wellington Middle School to offer students who completed the summer reading program a voucher for “First Locker Choice” privileges.  This joint project has been highly successful as well as popular with the students.  We gave out 115 locker passes.

Additional funding for the summer reading program was received as a grant from the Colorado State Library. 


In October Kathy Bornhoft attended a workshop on the summer reading program in Fort Collins.  Kathy also attended a meeting of Front Range librarians that meet to exchange programming ideas and a Colorado Library Consortium workshop in April that was held in Fort Collins. 

The director attended the Colorado Library Consortium workshop in April that was held in Fort Collins.  In May I attended the meeting of the Colorado Public Library Directors that was held in Steamboat Springs.  In August I attended a training session and a Colorado Library Consortium board meeting at the CLiC offices in Centennial.  I attended the Colorado Association of Libraries conference in October in Loveland and the conference of the Association of Rural and Small Libraries in Aurora.  I also attended meetings of the Front Range Library Directors, and bi-monthly Library Board of Trustees meetings. 


Total revenue to the library from the Town of Wellington equaled $160,550.  The amount of funding for the library from the Town of Wellington’s General Fund was $138,540.  General Fund Capital Expenditures was funded at $22,000.  Personnel costs including salaries and benefits for 2012 were approximately $114,250.  Other budgeted operating costs associated with purchasing books and other materials, supplies, the summer reading program, equipment maintenance, education and travel, courier service, utilities, and other expenditures totaled $46,500.  For actual revenue and expenses see the 2012 Town of Wellington budget.

In addition to the revenue from the Town of Wellington General Fund the library receives Library Impact Fees.  Impact Fees for 2012 totaled $2,500.  This revenue from building permits is used for capital improvements and capital purchases. 




The library continues to use the website that is hosted by the Colorado State Library.  The Wellington Public Library staff adds and deletes content as needed.  We can add announcements of upcoming events, holiday closures, and other information as needed.  The address for the site is 


Pursue ways to meet the increased need for technology for staff and patrons

Explore options for downloadable e-books

Increase the number of Summer Reading participants

Find ways to creatively use the library staffing to meet increased usage of the library as circulation and patron visits continue to increase

Increase attendance at programs and story time

Continue community outreach and public relations via networking with schools and other community groups, advertising, special programs, and the library’s website

Increase communication to the public about the services the library has to offer

Find ways to better utilize space








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