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"Some books are undeservedly forgotten; none are undeservedly remembered."

—Wystan Hugh Auden (1907-73) British-born American writer, critic


World News From BBC

Office workers 'too sedentary'  Fri, 27 Mar 2015 01:54:21 GMT
Office workers need to get off their backsides and move around more, according to a new campaign. 
VIDEO: Does your pet have 'separation anxiety'?  Mon, 23 Mar 2015 09:39:26 GMT
Vets are warning that a growing number of dogs and other pets are suffering from separation anxiety as peoples' working habits change. 
VIDEO: China warning over global warming  Sun, 22 Mar 2015 19:24:45 GMT
The head of China's weather bureau warns that the country faces serious problems as a result of climate change. 
VIDEO: India 'looking strong' in World Cup  Mon, 23 Mar 2015 12:46:24 GMT
India have looked very impressive in the cricket World Cup, and cricket columnist Ayaz Memon has been speaking to the BBC in Mumbai on their chances of winning the tournament. 
VIDEO: One-minute World News  Fri, 27 Mar 2015 05:54:16 GMT
Watch the latest news summary from BBC World News. International news updated 24 hours a day. 
VIDEO: Yemen 'on the brink' of civil war  Mon, 23 Mar 2015 08:10:44 GMT
The United Nations envoy to Yemen has warned that the country could slide into prolonged conflict like Iraq, Syria or Libya. 
VIDEO: Bringing a giant puppet eagle to life  Sun, 22 Mar 2015 22:33:05 GMT
BBC News meets the makers of the giant puppets of Spanish Theatre Company Carros de Foc. 
VIDEO: Londonderry fire temple to peace  Sun, 22 Mar 2015 01:48:57 GMT
A huge temple that overlooked Londonderry for the past week has been burnt down as a gesture of letting go of the past and looking to the future. 
VIDEO: New Orleans airport attacker dies  Sun, 22 Mar 2015 04:15:14 GMT
A man who was shot by police as he tried to storm a checkpoint at New Orleans international airport on Friday dies from his injuries. 
Cunning elite hoard wealth in Angola  Fri, 27 Mar 2015 00:24:35 GMT
Angola is an economic success story, writes Mary Harper - but also a land many inhabit in poverty, while a super-wealthy elite thrives. 
Nigeria's unpredictable election  Thu, 26 Mar 2015 14:05:51 GMT
Fear is growing that Nigeria's tightly contested presidential and parliamentary elections could trigger more violence. 
Who will win the live-streaming video battle?  Thu, 26 Mar 2015 10:53:41 GMT
Tech companies are vying to launch a successful live-streaming video service. 
How are cockpit doors locked?  Thu, 26 Mar 2015 13:13:15 GMT
How would the cockpit doors on the crashed Germanwings Airbus have been secured? 
Prince Charles ruling: What it means for info law  Thu, 26 Mar 2015 12:04:39 GMT
The Supreme Court ruling, which implies that Prince Charles's advocacy correspondence should be released, has wider implications for freedom of information. 
VIDEO: Is flying getting more dangerous?  Wed, 25 Mar 2015 12:19:09 GMT
After the latest in a spate of commercial plane crashes, BBC News takes a look at the numbers to find out whether flying is getting more dangerous. 
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National News From NPR
Amazingly, Congress Actually Got Something Done  Thu, 26 Mar 2015 18:15:00 -0400
National Guardsman, Cousin Arrested For Trying To Join Islamic State  Thu, 26 Mar 2015 17:50:00 -0400
Ellen Pao Trial Highlights Long Road To Ending Workplace Bias  Thu, 26 Mar 2015 17:43:00 -0400
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World News From BBC
Police probe Alps jet crash co-pilot  Fri, 27 Mar 2015 05:43:16 GMT
Yemen leader Hadi gets Saudi refuge  Fri, 27 Mar 2015 02:33:10 GMT
Buildings collapse in New York blast  Thu, 26 Mar 2015 22:36:42 GMT
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