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"A classic is a book which people praise and don't read."

—Mark Twain (1835-1910) [Samuel Langhorne Clemens] American author, humorist


World News From BBC

VIDEO: NBA brings basketball stars to Cuba  Sat, 25 Apr 2015 00:58:53 GMT
The NBA becomes the first American sports organisation to visit Cuba since the two countries began to restore diplomatic ties. 
VIDEO: Insecure borders of struggling Libya  Fri, 24 Apr 2015 21:18:37 GMT
Quentin Sommerville reports on Libya's struggle for stability, four years after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi. 
Justice for historical crimes  Sat, 25 Apr 2015 00:01:05 GMT
The trial of Oskar Groening raises the question of whether it is always necessary and right to prosecute such crimes after so many years. 
Africa blog: Islamic State strengthens ties with Boko Haram  Fri, 24 Apr 2015 10:08:54 GMT
The Islamic State (IS) has released a new video, eulogising Nigeria's Boko Haram, in the latest sign of closer ties between the two militant groups. 
Clinton cash questions over Russian deal  Thu, 23 Apr 2015 20:17:57 GMT
New investigations into Clinton family finances reveal possible conflicts of interest - but is there fire behind the smoke? 
How do drone strikes go wrong?  Fri, 24 Apr 2015 13:34:19 GMT
After two individuals, Warren Weinstein and Giovanni Lo Porto, are killed in a raid, questions are raised about US counterterrorism. 
Will Togo vote end family dynasty?  Thu, 23 Apr 2015 10:23:54 GMT
President Faure Gnassingbe of Togo seeks to prolong his family's 48-year rule in elections on Saturday. 
It's time: Apple delivers the Watch  Thu, 23 Apr 2015 23:18:05 GMT
As Apple begins deliveries of its much anticipated smartwatch, four experts weigh up the impact it might have. 
Mango-thrower gets presidential flat  Sat, 25 Apr 2015 02:23:13 GMT
Venezuela's President Maduro allocates a woman a flat, after she hits him on the head with a mango. 
VIDEO: Couple plan to be oldest newlyweds  Sat, 25 Apr 2015 06:47:09 GMT
Two elderly lovebirds from East Sussex are set to become the world's oldest newlyweds when they tie the knot in June. 
Nasdaq and S&P 500 at record highs  Fri, 24 Apr 2015 20:49:50 GMT
The Nasdaq and S&P 500 close at new record highs after US tech firms report strong first quarter profits. 
Comcast ends Time Warner Cable deal  Fri, 24 Apr 2015 16:08:06 GMT
US cable giant Comcast abandons its planned $45bn purchase of Time Warner Cable after failing to convince regulators the deal would not harm competition. 
Ellen Pao faces $1m legal bill  Fri, 24 Apr 2015 11:05:37 GMT
The woman who challenged sexism in Silicon Valley now faces a $1m legal bill unless she agrees not to appeal. 
Rail upgrade 'raises hack risks'  Thu, 23 Apr 2015 23:35:30 GMT
A government adviser warns that a new hi-tech rail signalling system could be hacked by terrorists to cause train crashes. 
US child star 'takes own life'  Fri, 24 Apr 2015 10:29:11 GMT
Sawyer Sweeten, the child star of hit US show Everybody Loves Raymond, takes his own life at his family home in Texas. 
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National News From NPR
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World News From BBC
Death toll in Nepal quake over 1,000  Sat, 25 Apr 2015 16:06:31 GMT
Syria Islamists take northern town  Sat, 25 Apr 2015 14:31:44 GMT
Gallipoli tributes to Anzac 'heroes'  Sat, 25 Apr 2015 11:48:44 GMT
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